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Developing your Tentmaker Strategy

A personally tutored correspondence course offered by the Missionary Training Service 
(a member organisation of Global Connections - the Evangelical Missionary Alliance).

"Tentmaking" - working in a normal job alongside one's missionary work - takes its name from the Apostle Paul's trade.  Work of all types should bring glory to God, extend His rule by helping bring order out of chaos, benefit other people and creation in general, promote faith in Jesus Christ, and bring personal fulfilment through using the gifts and talents He has given.  This highly practical course aims to help you in these aspects and in the following areas of contemporary tentmaking.

General areas:

bulletDeveloping your personal life goals and plan in response to God's calling
bulletApplying the biblical teaching on work
bulletExploring tentmaking and deciding what type of tentmaker you would like to be
bulletPreparing to take advantage of the special opportunities and demands of tentmakers
bulletWorking through the ethics of tentmaking
bulletMaking plans to avoid common pitfalls
bulletDeciding where to work
bulletRelating to your home church and missionary agencies
bulletMaking a plan to increase your personal readiness, biblical knowledge and evangelistic skills
bulletPlanning team dynamics, and preparing for spiritual warfare, culture awareness and dealing with stress
bulletDeveloping your prayer team
bulletDeveloping your team of advisors.

If Obtaining Employment

bulletAnalysing what you require from a job
bulletForming a job hunting strategy
bulletMaking sure you have the right qualifications
bulletPreparing a curriculum vitae
bulletSuccessfully undergoing interviews.

If Establishing a Tentmaking Business

bulletAnalysing your ability for this venture
bulletDeciding what sort of business you will pursue
bulletDefining who will be the business manager
bulletResearching the business and making a business plan
bulletDefining matters of production management, general management skills and approach.
The course costs GB£145 and includes two key books and personal guidance through personal tutorials which may be face-to-face or by telephone and e-mail. If you are establishing your own business there is an extra cost of £135.

To hear an explanation by Dr. Jonathan Lewis of Working Your Way to the Nations which forms a central part of this course, please click here.

For further information, or if you have any enquiries, email us:
To enrol, please fill in this form:Working Abroad
Send it, with a cheque or postal order made out to the MTS for £145 or £280, to:
Missionary Training Service, The Old Police House, Evershot, Dorchester DT2 0LB, United Kingdom.

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This page was last updated on 31 January 2017.