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How to Learn Another Language

  1. To obtain this as a paper book, use our Order Form: click here.
  2. To read this online:

click here

Follow the instructions in the small window, 
which (if you have a PC) should offer you an "OPEN" button.

The electronic version is in PDF format, size 133 kB.

  1. If you wish to download your own electronic copy, we do not make a charge, but would ask you to treat it as "Honorware" and make a donation to support our work. Find out how to do this on our Support page or click here.

As with other Shareware, the material is for your own use but may not be re-sold.  If you would like to make copies,please contact us.

To download your electronic copy: click here.

Follow the instructions in the small window, which (if you have a PC) 
should offer you a "SAVE"  or "SAVE TO DISK" button.
If you have high speed Internet access (e.g. ISDN or broadband), 
the file may appear and self-open on your screen before you can 
react to the small window.  If so, Right-click your mouse to 
reach the "SAVE AS..." option.

The downloadable version is in PDF format, size 133 kB.

Virus protection

Before you open any newly-downloaded file on your computer, we recommend that you check it for viruses.  The files supplied by us were virus-free when put onto the WWW, but hackers have been known to change files on even the most illustrious of websites!  If you haven't already bought antivirus software such as Norton or MacAfee, the Daily Telegraph recommends the Freeware AVG Antivirus from GriSoft.

Instruction in European Languages

Sound Foundation provides specialised short-term courses for missionaries needing to learn French, German, Spanish or Portuguese.  For further information, please contact:
Sound Foundation, Churchside, Church Place, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1AF. 

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