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Working with Hindus and Buddhists

Reaching Hindu and Buddhist people for our Lord Jesus Christ.

A personally tutored correspondence course offered by the Missionary Training Service 
(a member organisation of Global Connections - the Evangelical Missionary Alliance).

In order to reach Hindus and Buddhists, we need to understand them as well as grasp the essentials of the Gospel which are transferable to all cultures. The course involves prayer for and evangelism of a Hindu or Buddhist group locally so that with God’s help you become effective as a cross-cultural evangelist. As this is a spiritual work, you must have other Christians to help you in prayer and evangelism. The syllabus covers in both theory and practice:

bulletChoosing a group among whom to work, and defining your short-term and long-term aims and commitments
bulletUnderstanding basic doctrines and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism
bulletDeciding how you will follow the Incarnation as your model for reaching Hindus and Buddhists
bulletUndertaking preliminary research of a group
bulletDeveloping relationships with people of the group
bulletUnderstanding your own culture
bulletUnderstanding the Hindu or Buddhist people’s culture in depth – carrying out detailed research
bulletDefining the elements of the Gospel and why it can be seen as Good News for Hindus or Buddhists
bulletConsidering proven principles of evangelising Hindus or Buddhists
bulletCarrying out steps to effective evangelism
bulletHelping new Hindu or Buddhist background believers transform their culture for Christ
bulletDeveloping leaders from the Hindu or Buddhist background group

In the practical side of this course, you should be able to dedicate several hours a week to working practically with Muslim people. The course takes four months of part time study, costs GB £85, and includes a course guide, two booklet on cross-cultural evangelism, tuition by correspondence or e-mail, and telephone support.

For further information, or if you have any enquiries, email us:
To enrol, please fill in this form:Hinduism & Buddhism 
Send it, with a cheque or postal order made out to the MTS for GB £85, to: 
Missionary Training Service, The Old Police House, Evershot, Dorchester DT2 0LB, United Kingdom.

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The Missionary Training Service is a UK Registered Charity (No. 1073046) and a Company limited by Guarantee (No. 3554515).
This page was last updated on 31 January 2017.